Mini Blue Midnight
Mini Blue Midnight delivers everything you have ever loved about the classic '59 Bassman® tone and then some.
Mini Blue Midnight features two independent gain controls, "GAIN I" and "GAIN II".
The GAIN I control is an equivalent of the volume control on the Bassman®.
The GAIN II control directly controls the gain of the last stage of Mini Blue Midnight, which emulates the push-pull power section.
Roll back the GAIN II and you are in the classic Bassman® land with sparkling cleans (with the GAIN I turned down), and the roaring overdrive (with the GAIN I turned up). Crank up the GAIN II and Mini Blue Midnight behaves like a hot-rodded Bassman®, producing everything from the thick overdrive to the searing distortion.
Featured Video
Equipment used in recording this video clip:

Fender '52 Telecaster RI on "Overdrive (Tele)" and "Hot Rodded Overdrive (Tele)".
Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster on the "Hot Rodded Overdrive (Strat)".
Gibson Les Paul Standard on "Distortion (Gibson LP Std.)"
Gibson Les Paul Junior on the "Clean (Gibson LP Jr.).

Cracked Glass - clean channel (Shattered Glass Audio)

Celestion Greenback (G12M25), 2x12 cab